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Himalaya trekking: Mt. Everest Base camp/Kanchenjunga Base camp

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I've been planning for quite some time to do a trek to Himalayas and after weeks of research, got fascinated by two options:

1. Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek

2. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

I'm thinking of doing it in August. Though both are good options with moderate to difficult treks, there are various pros and cons about the same. On record, and to clear my mind, I'll write here:

1. Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek:

a) If going from Nepal side, best to go in October/November, worst in June/July. Need 15-20 days.

b) If going from Tibet side, best to go in June/July, worst in March/April.

     1) Tibet Visa is available for only groups more than 5, and one may need to wait for a few days in Nepal to get Visa... as the process doesn't seem to be very transparent, though that is just my opinion. And I could not find if Chinese Embassy gives Visa for Tibet in Delhi too... Seems like Nepal is the only option. Need 20-25 days. And we need to fly to Lhase from Nepal: unpredictable weather can cause delays.

     2) There are talks going on between China, India and Sikkim Govts to open the famous Silk Route, which is one of the most beautiful trek/road route... so I'm planning to wait to go to Tibet through that (exp 2007-8: Post MBA trek!). Will need 15 days.

c) Political and Peace situation in Nepal is better than past, but not ideal, esp. for Nepalese/Indians.

Note: The base camps (destinations) are different for these treks, but beauty/difficulty/people are similar, except the Tibetan monastery.

2. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek:

a) Through Nepal will give me a chance to visit some parts of Nepal which people usually don't go to... you know, 'the less traveled path'! Need 20 days.

b) Through Darjeeling and Sikkim will give an opportunity to go East of India, which is the only part of India I have not been to, and Sikkim, by all means is a BEAUTIFUL place! Need 15 days.

c) I don't need to plan for international travel for Sikkim, though being an Indian Citizen, I don't need a Visa to Nepal either.

d) Both the trek approach Base camp from South Best time to go to this is March/April or October/November, worst is June/July.

Link to a website with loads of information and trek option.


1. I've compressed the schedule by a couple of days in all options, which the tour operators advise for acclimatization; or extra days that I can strip of while coming down slope. So that makes my schedule a little feasible, but a little demanding too!

2. Wherever possible, and if it doesn't impact the schedule severely, I'll trek rather than take jeep/bus as advertised in some options. Which means additional days, but MORE FUN!

3. I've got one friend almost ready for this trek. We'll need couple more people to make it an interesting trek. If you're into Trekking and can engage in lively conversations [and can understand a little bit of geek ;)], I assure you it'll be fun. In that case, please feel free to contact me.

4. I've gathered pieces of information about these treks. Few of the links mentioned in this blog will lead to many other good sites/links. However, if you need a small document I prepared, drop me a line. I'll be happy to help; even if you don't want to join us for the trek!

5. Wharton Leadership participants also trek to similar locations, here is the link, in case you need additional inspiration!


Amazing idea.. I specially like the Silk route idea. More on this later...  

Posted by mbafarbe
on 7/30/2005 07:01:00 PM  
I want to join the trek too! on 7/30/2005 10:55:00 PM  
I am surely intrested in this dream trek, but maybe after a couple of years. Right now there are a lot of thisngs to be learnt before I finally do it. Ill send you and invetation the next time i Decide to do a treck to Mount Everest itself. Just I hope u be in touch by then .... thanks for the invetation.


Aneesh Vaze


Posted by aneesh vaze
on 8/01/2005 03:09:00 PM  
Mbafarbe and Venus,
Yes, it sounds like a great idea.. now onto execution :)

Aneesh: You can write to me by email. 

Posted by leoptismiste
on 8/02/2005 01:02:00 AM  



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