Friday, July 15, 2005

Loads of Free material on Finance by Prof. Damodaran!

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As one of my favorite areas is Finance and I've immensely benefited by reading renowned Prof. Damodaran's notes on his website, I thought of providing a link to his website from my blog. Asked him for permission and within minutes got an affirmative reply!

Thank you Professor for sharing the notes with us and for letting me put the link!

So, all finance enthusiasts, here you go for tons of notes, problem sets, book chapters and his class lectures at NYU . I’m sure you’ll find them very useful.

The areas covered are: Corporate Finance, Valuation, and Investments.

I'm adding the link on the side bar for future reference.

And of course, you can buy many of the books written by Prof. Damodaran at Amazon.


Hi I would also like to know the answers to these questions as well, if you happen to get a reply about the code, could you let me know also, thanks.


Sorry to trouble you by asking a lot of things... but can you please do these, as asked by many bloggers earlier:

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