Monday, July 11, 2005

MMS sharing between different networks in US...

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Finally! After at least a year later than consumers expected them to, a year and half later than they should have done, and probably two years later than they could have!

Sprint, T-Mobile Say Yes to MMS Exchange.

In MMS technology and related services, US operators have really been laggards. The agreements to share among operators took much longer than I thought. While it is not clear if there were any engineering/technical issues involved, but I doubt that been a reason behind that. Consider Europe, Japan, Korea and many developing countries including India. The MMS interoperability was always taken for granted (at least for the last two years or so). Now I may be wrong, but it is high time that US operators provide better services to their customers, especially when they have arguably better technology in the name of CDMA and CDMA-EVDO (v/s GSM/GPRS).

Or wait, I remember reading 'Oligopoly' and 'Collusion' in Economics: one more example, may be!


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