Thursday, July 21, 2005


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The world has been hit by the Pottermania since July 16, and yours truly was swept off as well. Got hand on a book (luckily, I didn’t even need to buy it this time), and got relief only after finishing it. It is damn addictive, isn’t it?

I won’t spoil fun, but suffice to say that I found this book more interesting than the previous two, but that may be just my opinion. It was genius on part of J K Rowling to not to end the episode in this book (as against in earlier books). This will make people wait ever more eagerly for the next (and last of the seven books series) version, which is supposed to be released in 2008! So long wait ahead!

As per some news, Harry Potter is now a $4Bn brand! Harry, rich guy, are you listening? ;)

And an interesting article on Harry Potter Brand being overexposed (or dead, as the authors of this article call it!)

Is the Harry Potter brand overexposed?

Happy reading!

PS: Have got a post on leadership in draft, will post in a day or two!




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