Saturday, July 02, 2005

Vivek Paul quits Wipro and joins Texas Pacific Group

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One of the most respected business leaders of India and the person who took Wipro to amazing heights, Mr. Vivek Paul is joining TPG as a partner in their Technology and Life Sciences Venture... He follows the steps of his role model and ex-boss, Mr. Jack Welch, who also stepped into the PE business some time back.

There are a lot of articles/press releases/news items describing the same in detail, such as:

Texas Pacific Group Names Vivek Paul as Partner

Texas Pacific Group nomme Vivek Paul partenaire

The Times of India, as usual- to create some buzz, has gone one step further and asked Why Vivek Paul really quit Wipro. This article did catch my attention at one point:

TOI: Was there any kind of pressure that forced you to quit?
VP: Well, there was some push and pull. If you have $15 billion (market capitalisation of Wipro) in family business, how can you not tend to it? I would do the same if I were in his position.

Now TPG is a PE/VC shop and this time Mr. Paul as a partner will be on the other side of the table as far as ownership of the business and related issues are concerned. Mr. Paul's work there will be interesting to watch, sans doubte! What say you?

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