Friday, July 29, 2005

Wannabe, his bet... and FedEx MBA ad

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Wannabe had put a bet to guess the name of a company he interviewed with. Yours truly incidentally won it! Yahoo... I'm glad to have won a bet from the to-be Brand Consultant and an Insead MBA ;) And he has mentioned my name [Inflating my nameless ego a thousand times :P] twice in last week. Thank you Wannabe!

Wannabe: I'll take your offer for dinner... as that will give me the chance to have a witty conversation with you too :) How's that?

We need to wait for that till I make my way to INSEAD, Fonty or to Europe on a company trip ;) And yes, it was the dual parent which certainly gave away... but even otherwise there are just a handful of companies in Europe with more than 300 brands!

Finally, I got this ad link in a mail... good shot at MBA by FedEx. Here's the link.

PS: Wannabe, all the very best for your next interview for your dream job.


For the record, I'm in Asia

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