Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nathu-la on track for Oct opening

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This is the track I was talking in my previous posts this and this as EBCT.

For full story, visit Times of India. There is no reference to trekking there, but it seems that the trek will also be opened soon - just a matter of time! I'll try to locate some more info about the trekking path being opened (and when) and will post here later.

In other news, I got a mail from one of the Nepal trekking guys I'm in touch with. He wrote about a ceasefire being announced by the Maoist Group. Here is the mail:

Heartily greetings and Namaste from the land of Lord Buddha. How are you doing ? I presume this note of mine finds you at the best of your health and happiness. The motive behind this message is to inform you that we the citizen of Nepal have received a magnificent news on Saturday dated 3rd of September.

I am very happy to inform you that Prachanda, chairman of the communist party of Nepal (Maoist) announced on Saturday 3rd of September a unilateral ceasefire for three months with an immediate effect from 3rd of September 2005. Prachanda declared ceasefire to ensure democratic political stability in the country. He stated that with deep sense of responsibility towards the people longing for democratic political outlet and peace, his party declared a unilateral ceasefire for three months. On the other hand the rebel leader said his army would remain in defensive position, and won't carry out any offensive operation. He has hoped that the announcement would encourage peace loving power centers at home and abroad too.

It is also heard that the chairman of the communist party of Nepal (Maoist), Prachanda said that the unilateral truce was declared with view of people's aspiration for peace and democracy. The present context of the cease fire declaration by the Maoist calls for the development of our country Nepal. In this season Nepal will be catering very important role for the tourism industry. The travel and tourism industry with this announcement has expressed their happiness and wished for long-lasting peace in the country. Seeing as this coming months are the tourist seasons and the peace decision taken by the Maoist party has brought a great relief to the people who are involved in tourism sector. This season may be the best season in terms of numbers,but this will be the season that may well decide the recovery of tourism here in Nepal. We shall be doing our utmost to reassure the visitors,and to provide them the highest levels of safety and services possible,because the experience and perceptions they take back will decide a lot for the season to come.

This time if the Maoist and the political parties as well as the countries from abroad take a major step and come together hand in hand to maintain this peace and harmony in the country, I hope this peace will remain everlasting in Nepal. I think we should respect each others religion and learn to live in peace, harmony and love. We should remember peace is not God's gift to it's creature but peace is our gift to each other. Let’s hope and pray for the peace dialogue among government of Nepal,other political parties in Nepal,civil societies,international organization such as United Nation,Western Union etc. and bring suitable conclusions.

I very much look forward to hear from you.
With best regards,

Needless to say, I'm very happy to get these news!





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