Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Celebrate Bandra!

[Category: Personal]

Last weekend, I was in Mumbai wandering in the Bandra area. Had a coffee and then started walking on the beach side... reached the dead end and saw some festival going on. So decided to have a look. And I am glad I did!!

This goes to the organizers/audience of "Celebrate Bandra" in Mumbai: You did GREAT, and I loved being there. The music was harmonic, dance energetic and songs really nice!

However, the most unforgettable part was the energy and the passion of everyone there, and lighting of candles by all the audience! Lovely scene!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

TO-DO Lists!

[Category: MBA, Personal]

Damn them, if I could!

They just never shrink... ever expanding, just like the fiscal deficit of some governments!

I need to:

1. Pay the fees to INSEAD
2. Pass the Language exam for INSEAD
3. Find a place in Singapore
4. Pay the fees to INSEAD
5. Read the pre-reading material. What?????? I thought 2 months will be holidays!
6. Get suit(s) stitched, shop for ties, belts, shoes and sooocks!
7. Pay the fees to INSEAD
8. Visit/meet old friends, relatives and make new ones
9. Prepare the Resume as per required style (and the MBA hasn't yet formally started!)

And... no marks for guessing,

10. Pay the fees to INSEAD!!!

PS: I would be in Mumbai on some weekends. You're welcome to help me further expand this TODO list. Especially for MBA applicants, I'll be happy to help for GMAT/INSEAD or in general MBA program.


Finding Accommodation!

[Category: General]

Is the best thing to do, and it is the worst thing to do!

Worst because:

You're frustrated when a place is not good, or when if good, it is beyond your budget.

When it is too far from your destination and commute sucks. When it is too near to your destination and you don't really experience a new city.

When the partners/neighbors are great but you may not have time to spend with them, or when they are not so great and you need to stay at home all the time!

Best because:

You look for options,
Think out of the box,
Soak in the experience,
Sometimes meet great people.

And because it is a change; and change, though sometimes strange, is always WELCOME!

Welcome to house searching!

And the cycle is soon gonna be repeated at SGP and Fonty too!

PS: I've been able to find a wonderful place, and which is within my budget. Morning jogging along the sea side is ON and FUN. You get the idea :)


Get togethers!

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In last few weeks, I have been having way too many luncheons, dinners and coffees with many different people.

Some of them I deeply care about,
Some of us meeting for first time, and
Some of us old friends who met after a long long time!

People from my UG to my Masters to INSEAD and more...

People from Korea, UK, India, US, and more...

People who are Engineers, Accountants, Managers, CA/CFAs and more...

People who may be a bit sad that I am moving away, but happy that I am going where I wanted to...

Some Wonderful People I may not get chance to meet again in near future...
Some with who new lifelong friendships will be formed, and
Some who I will miss A LOT!

Variety... loads of it. I think I have started thinking like an INSEAD-er!

And amidst all of this, Life is busy, it is FUN, and every part of me is happy.
Except my wallet, that is!

I need to find a sponsor soon, or I will be buried under loans even before I reach INSEAD!

Moving, re-moving and re-re-moving!

[Category: Personal]

In last one month, I've moved my dirty a$$ from one country to another and then to another city in the later country! Within two months, I will move to Singapore. After 4-6 months in SGP, to France, to UK, and may be to Wharton, US.

I was traveling a lot before too, never staying more than three months a time at any location. Life hasn't changed (and will not change in near future) in this sense, has it? !!!

When it rains, it pours!

[Category: MBA]


Within no time I got the INSEAD admit too. I felt as if the floodgates just were blocked and got opened all at once. Thanks again to same people as listed earlier, only with double the intensity!

I've decided to join INSEAD. It was one of toughest decisions I ever made. I won't get into the pissing contest of which school is better, but will just say that for some reasons (including personal reasons), at this stage this is the best decision I can make and I will live by it :)

A lot has changed since that day and I would better write separate posts for "rest of the developments" (I am in no mood to go into the details of Why INSEAD any more, please!)

Got the Columbia admit and am quite happy!

It all started 3 years back for me with a search for MBA options… I took some wrong decision, some U-turns and went through a tougher than expected process. Probably because of being from one of the most competitive groups…

But finally, it’s over. I’m done with the anxiety of admission… now the anxiety of starting school and a job search will take their roots. But they’re away and in the mean time I think I should have some fun.

Before I go grab a beer, let me pay my respect to few people without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.

Y: For motivating me to apply to Top BSchools and sticking with me when I failed over and again last year. For reviewing all my essays, for mock-interviewing... for everything. This admission is a tribute to your patience.

P: For helping me out when we didn’t even know each other apart from few phone calls. For supporting me in those tough times… Thanks a lot.

To my recommenders: For your consistent support and patience.

To friends, and to those who supported me by giving me several tips and generous help which made this journey bearable. FS, RT, KJ, KH, BN, PK: you people are on the top of this looong list!

To my family, whose unconditional love made me start on this in first place and stay on it later…

To you, dear reader, for reading this blog and giving me the motivation to write (trust me, this has improved my writing!) and getting some feedback once in a while doesn’t harm!

Please feel free to write if I can help you in any way…

And a post on admission mysteries from my perspective is due!