Friday, November 25, 2005

Finding Accommodation!

[Category: General]

Is the best thing to do, and it is the worst thing to do!

Worst because:

You're frustrated when a place is not good, or when if good, it is beyond your budget.

When it is too far from your destination and commute sucks. When it is too near to your destination and you don't really experience a new city.

When the partners/neighbors are great but you may not have time to spend with them, or when they are not so great and you need to stay at home all the time!

Best because:

You look for options,
Think out of the box,
Soak in the experience,
Sometimes meet great people.

And because it is a change; and change, though sometimes strange, is always WELCOME!

Welcome to house searching!

And the cycle is soon gonna be repeated at SGP and Fonty too!

PS: I've been able to find a wonderful place, and which is within my budget. Morning jogging along the sea side is ON and FUN. You get the idea :)





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