Friday, November 25, 2005

Get togethers!

[Category: Personal, General]

In last few weeks, I have been having way too many luncheons, dinners and coffees with many different people.

Some of them I deeply care about,
Some of us meeting for first time, and
Some of us old friends who met after a long long time!

People from my UG to my Masters to INSEAD and more...

People from Korea, UK, India, US, and more...

People who are Engineers, Accountants, Managers, CA/CFAs and more...

People who may be a bit sad that I am moving away, but happy that I am going where I wanted to...

Some Wonderful People I may not get chance to meet again in near future...
Some with who new lifelong friendships will be formed, and
Some who I will miss A LOT!

Variety... loads of it. I think I have started thinking like an INSEAD-er!

And amidst all of this, Life is busy, it is FUN, and every part of me is happy.
Except my wallet, that is!

I need to find a sponsor soon, or I will be buried under loans even before I reach INSEAD!




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