Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006 and how was my 2005!

First, a very Happy New Year 2006 to all readers! May you get more love, happiness, success and joy in your life!

Here is my Good Bye letter to 2005...

Dear 2005,

I am a little ambivalent as to should I be sad that you're ending or happy to see you go away! Our relationship started on a not-so-good note, when you gave me two MBA deadlines and hence many sleepless nights in your first two weeks. This was on top of your elder sister 2004, who was a real b*** and disappointed me a lot right till the end!

You made some amends early on, and kept throwing some interviews on my way. But I won't thank you for that, as you kept throwing failures/rejections at the same pace too! Throughout the two third of year, every good news you gave me was preceded/followed (and that too very closely) by a bad one!

Despite the failures, you gave me motivation and optimism to plan few great things like this, but again you created bad weather, unpredictable flights and lack of good company to let me do those cool things!

Then suddenly (and for good!) you realized that I've paid my dues and started giving me good news! Two admissions, and then one internship offer, which left me quite happy. But you kept me so hectic (OK, partly my fault), that I couldn't savor the good part as much as I would have liked to! And before I realized that I should have had more time with you, you were running away at super fast speed!

However, considering that you've been very good with me in past 3 months, and "All that ends well is good", I will say that I liked the way you were. I hope your younger sister 2006 is good like you, right from the beginning and she doesn't test me for 8 long months un-necessarily! Please say a few good words to her about me, I'll really appreciate it :) OK honey, bye now... I'll miss you!

Dear 2006: A warm welcome into my life! I hope you heard me talking to 2005. I will like you to be as nice as your sis was in 2006 September onwards. Don't ever think of copying her first few months, please! In return, I will promise to be a nice companion :)


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