Thursday, March 30, 2006

Welcome hallonman to 'the party'

A quick and warm welcome to hallonman for his admission to INSEAD. As he has decided to join INSEAD, he becomes the first blogger for INSEAD MBA Class of July'07. I'm adding link to his blog on the sidebar.

Hallonman: Thank you for adding the links of few INSEADers on your blog and your note. I'm glad that our blogs helped you in your MBA journey. Please feel free to write for any questions.

PS: Contrary to the impression some people would get from our blogs (Olivier, Peter and I like to travel, which is true for almost all INSEADers), it is a necessity and not luxury to get away from the rush at school. After 100's of assignments and readings, you need a break (or tw0) to be yourself and be back on track. Just add this to your expectations, and you'll enjoy here :)

Heard in the class:

Someone was cold called today in the class, and didn't say anything to the question the professor asked. After a moment, the professor himself gave the answer and also said "Well done".

Guess what, I was the idiot who didn't even answer a simple question, as I didn't prepare for the class. I felt like killing myself (by drowning in the calm waters of Malaysia!). OK, time to study in fear of tomorrow's cold call!!


Monday, March 27, 2006

Scuba Diving in Malaysia

After the intense trip to Cambodia whose photos are posted here, it was time to turn to the calm waters of Malaysia for a relaxed yet exciting weekend of Scuba diving.

A group of about 40 INSEAD MBA students went to Dayang, Malaysia for two days of diving and leisure (coupled with looong 16 hour 2-way journey!). The trip was really cool... The sequence was like this:

Go for a Dive, come back to beach, have food and go back to dive.

Repeat the above for four times.

Net effect: relaxed mind that had some new experience with more fat content in my body than ever! Need to gym next week to burn it well!

Photos coming soon.

PS: Le Voyageur, sorry if it confused you, but I didn't go to Phuket. I went to Cambodia in the P1-P2 break. However, I will not disappoint you, as I may some day visit Phuket as well.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cambodia Photos

Three days, two cities, two flights, one seven hour boat journey, and almost no rest. How can I forget those sweet days!

Here are few photos. My apologies for the delay.

Phnom Penh Wat (Temple)

One of the temples in Presidential Palace in Phnom Penh

Stupa at Killing Fields where skulls of 8945 victims have been preserved

One of the swanky hotels in Siem Reap where we took one of the 'drinks' breaks!

Bayon Temple basking in its old glory

The famed 'Jungle Temple' where some of the scenes of "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" were also filmed. This is one of the three best temples in Cambodia

And the famed 'Angkor Wat' from its outer gates


Friday, March 17, 2006

Quick recap of P1

After the exams, we had End of P1 Party (EOPP). Celebrations started with bottles of Champagne and wine on the school terrace.

Some people had planned things so perfectly that they left to Phuket, Thailand immediately after the Champagne party. Others went home, got ready and went to a chic place in Sentosa for the evening before moving to another hip place for the dance party.

OK, I know I have not been regular at blogging, so will try to make up today ;)

Subjects I had:

1. Leading People and Groups
-> My most favorite class. Loved it
2. Accounting (I was exempted, but audited a few classes)
-> FABULOUS. No other words
3. Corporate Finance
-> Learnt a lot, but this class could have been better. Overall, very happy
4. Statistics
-> Prof was cool, study material was not so cool. The prof even came to End of P1 Party. Overall, fine
5. Price and Markets
-> Some new stuff, some old. Mixed feelings
6. Ethics (by a visiting prof)
-> Could have been much better

Overall impression of

Classmates: Fun to be with. I am sure to learn a lot in coming times. Pity that some of us will separate in two months and probably not meet again for quite some time. Time runs very fast here...

Group mates: Fun again. Not at the peak in terms of efficiency, but doing fine and learning fast.

Housemates: I love them!

And some more people, who I am impressed by and would like to be friends (and more ;) with in long run.

Goals: In P1, I had a simple goal: get a summer internship. Thinking of new 'goals' in P2. Have put my mind to few things, but nothing concrete yet. Let's see... any ideas?

PS: MANY THANKS to all who personally wrote or left congrats messages on the blog last week.


Back in the game :)

Wow, what a break! I needed it (and probably deserved it). No email, no phone, no newspaper, no career services for three days. I was cut off the world for this long for first time in last four years... talk about quality time. The break was plain fun and energizing.

Now back to the reality. We've been so swarmed with work that I was supposed to post this blog on Monday... and am doing it on Friday. Pictures of the trip to follow soon.

However one observation: In general, when someone takes a vacation, s/he expects to sleep long and until late. But not for us INSEAD-ers who went to Cambodia. Most of us (35 or more people) got up at 5:30 or before on four consecutive days on all holidays. I don't think some of us would have considered this to be a 'normal vacation' a year back. But after coming to INSEAD, perspective has wholly changed...

Nothing more to say on that!

On another note, at least two of my classmates know about my blog now. One asked me in the End of P1 Party (EOPP) night and I don't remember who it was, as I was quite umm.... drunk. The conversation went like this:

He: Hey, what languages do you know?
me: Well, English, Hindi...
He: French?
me: Yes
He: So what's your name?
me: umm... I think you know, don't you? ;)
He: I mean do you like being 'optimistic'?
me: (Thinking: boy, you're done....). Manage to say "yes, everybody does I guess?"
He: No, I mean 'optimistic' in ze French
me: (Give up!) OK, please keep it to yourself

Second person asked me today morning:

He: Hey, I wanted to ask you a question for long time...
me: sure
He: do you blog?
me: umm... why do you ask, and so suddenly?
He: well, I think I saw your fingerprints somewhere on the internet...
me: (Still trying to keep it funny and secret, and hiding my fingers)... you haven't seen my fingers, how can you see my fingerprints... and ON INTERNET? ;)
He: I mean you left some obvious things... like X and Y... so it was easy to put 2+2 = 4
me: (Realizing that I have been done!) yea man, Thank you. I do blog. But please keep it to yourself!

I think soon I will be in open. That doesn't sound bad, but funny thing is that both these classmates are not from my section! They're from the other section! (We have 2 sections of 75 each in INSEAD Singapore campus).

Before I leave, a 'heard in the class' in Leading Organizations while discussing a case on a blue collar job in an industrial organization. The question is a bit sketchy, as I was not listening with full attention. The answer is reproduced 100% to the best of my knowledge.

Prof: So do you think money is important?
Student: Well, in this case yes. No body gets orgasms working in such a job. So money matters.
Class: Claps hard and 'Woooo'!!!


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Welcome Nixe to INSEAD!

A quick note of congratulations to Weltgewandt a.k.a. Nixe for her admission to INSEAD.

Welcome Nixe, and give a shout if you need any further information/help.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Good news

As we are heading toward exams, it will be a quick post.

Yours truly got a summer offer in an I-Bank in London. Am so excited to get this internship. Now life will be a little less stressful for next few months.

OK, time to study, as now I don't have any other excuse (Resume, interview) to not open the book!

Hope you are all doing great.

More after exams and my trip to Cambodia!