Friday, March 17, 2006

Back in the game :)

Wow, what a break! I needed it (and probably deserved it). No email, no phone, no newspaper, no career services for three days. I was cut off the world for this long for first time in last four years... talk about quality time. The break was plain fun and energizing.

Now back to the reality. We've been so swarmed with work that I was supposed to post this blog on Monday... and am doing it on Friday. Pictures of the trip to follow soon.

However one observation: In general, when someone takes a vacation, s/he expects to sleep long and until late. But not for us INSEAD-ers who went to Cambodia. Most of us (35 or more people) got up at 5:30 or before on four consecutive days on all holidays. I don't think some of us would have considered this to be a 'normal vacation' a year back. But after coming to INSEAD, perspective has wholly changed...

Nothing more to say on that!

On another note, at least two of my classmates know about my blog now. One asked me in the End of P1 Party (EOPP) night and I don't remember who it was, as I was quite umm.... drunk. The conversation went like this:

He: Hey, what languages do you know?
me: Well, English, Hindi...
He: French?
me: Yes
He: So what's your name?
me: umm... I think you know, don't you? ;)
He: I mean do you like being 'optimistic'?
me: (Thinking: boy, you're done....). Manage to say "yes, everybody does I guess?"
He: No, I mean 'optimistic' in ze French
me: (Give up!) OK, please keep it to yourself

Second person asked me today morning:

He: Hey, I wanted to ask you a question for long time...
me: sure
He: do you blog?
me: umm... why do you ask, and so suddenly?
He: well, I think I saw your fingerprints somewhere on the internet...
me: (Still trying to keep it funny and secret, and hiding my fingers)... you haven't seen my fingers, how can you see my fingerprints... and ON INTERNET? ;)
He: I mean you left some obvious things... like X and Y... so it was easy to put 2+2 = 4
me: (Realizing that I have been done!) yea man, Thank you. I do blog. But please keep it to yourself!

I think soon I will be in open. That doesn't sound bad, but funny thing is that both these classmates are not from my section! They're from the other section! (We have 2 sections of 75 each in INSEAD Singapore campus).

Before I leave, a 'heard in the class' in Leading Organizations while discussing a case on a blue collar job in an industrial organization. The question is a bit sketchy, as I was not listening with full attention. The answer is reproduced 100% to the best of my knowledge.

Prof: So do you think money is important?
Student: Well, in this case yes. No body gets orgasms working in such a job. So money matters.
Class: Claps hard and 'Woooo'!!!



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