Friday, March 17, 2006

Quick recap of P1

After the exams, we had End of P1 Party (EOPP). Celebrations started with bottles of Champagne and wine on the school terrace.

Some people had planned things so perfectly that they left to Phuket, Thailand immediately after the Champagne party. Others went home, got ready and went to a chic place in Sentosa for the evening before moving to another hip place for the dance party.

OK, I know I have not been regular at blogging, so will try to make up today ;)

Subjects I had:

1. Leading People and Groups
-> My most favorite class. Loved it
2. Accounting (I was exempted, but audited a few classes)
-> FABULOUS. No other words
3. Corporate Finance
-> Learnt a lot, but this class could have been better. Overall, very happy
4. Statistics
-> Prof was cool, study material was not so cool. The prof even came to End of P1 Party. Overall, fine
5. Price and Markets
-> Some new stuff, some old. Mixed feelings
6. Ethics (by a visiting prof)
-> Could have been much better

Overall impression of

Classmates: Fun to be with. I am sure to learn a lot in coming times. Pity that some of us will separate in two months and probably not meet again for quite some time. Time runs very fast here...

Group mates: Fun again. Not at the peak in terms of efficiency, but doing fine and learning fast.

Housemates: I love them!

And some more people, who I am impressed by and would like to be friends (and more ;) with in long run.

Goals: In P1, I had a simple goal: get a summer internship. Thinking of new 'goals' in P2. Have put my mind to few things, but nothing concrete yet. Let's see... any ideas?

PS: MANY THANKS to all who personally wrote or left congrats messages on the blog last week.



Have a great time in Thailand, look forward to hearing about it! on 3/17/2006 06:42:00 PM  
Have a great time in Thailand, look forward to hearing about it! on 3/17/2006 06:43:00 PM  
No Shit! U sure r enjoying yourself.

samay fruitfully bita rahe ho.Liked reading this.
on 3/20/2006 04:15:00 PM  



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