Monday, March 27, 2006

Scuba Diving in Malaysia

After the intense trip to Cambodia whose photos are posted here, it was time to turn to the calm waters of Malaysia for a relaxed yet exciting weekend of Scuba diving.

A group of about 40 INSEAD MBA students went to Dayang, Malaysia for two days of diving and leisure (coupled with looong 16 hour 2-way journey!). The trip was really cool... The sequence was like this:

Go for a Dive, come back to beach, have food and go back to dive.

Repeat the above for four times.

Net effect: relaxed mind that had some new experience with more fat content in my body than ever! Need to gym next week to burn it well!

Photos coming soon.

PS: Le Voyageur, sorry if it confused you, but I didn't go to Phuket. I went to Cambodia in the P1-P2 break. However, I will not disappoint you, as I may some day visit Phuket as well.





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