Thursday, March 30, 2006

Welcome hallonman to 'the party'

A quick and warm welcome to hallonman for his admission to INSEAD. As he has decided to join INSEAD, he becomes the first blogger for INSEAD MBA Class of July'07. I'm adding link to his blog on the sidebar.

Hallonman: Thank you for adding the links of few INSEADers on your blog and your note. I'm glad that our blogs helped you in your MBA journey. Please feel free to write for any questions.

PS: Contrary to the impression some people would get from our blogs (Olivier, Peter and I like to travel, which is true for almost all INSEADers), it is a necessity and not luxury to get away from the rush at school. After 100's of assignments and readings, you need a break (or tw0) to be yourself and be back on track. Just add this to your expectations, and you'll enjoy here :)

Heard in the class:

Someone was cold called today in the class, and didn't say anything to the question the professor asked. After a moment, the professor himself gave the answer and also said "Well done".

Guess what, I was the idiot who didn't even answer a simple question, as I didn't prepare for the class. I felt like killing myself (by drowning in the calm waters of Malaysia!). OK, time to study in fear of tomorrow's cold call!!



Hey!!! I had the same situation in Accounting class... for the same reason. When are you in Europe? Will you be coming for the MBA Olympics... 

Posted by mbafarbe
on 3/30/2006 05:30:00 PM  

OMG! Did I say that I faced that cold call in Managerial Accounting!!


Tell me it was Managerial Accounting for you and you didn't read the case!

I will likely be in Fonty from May onward...
on 3/30/2006 05:35:00 PM  
Well.. there were two reasons:

1). I did not prepare for the class
2). I was "power napping" when he called me - I must have closed my eyes too.

and it was Accounting - I do not know how much managerial comes into it ;) as it is my weakest subject yet.
on 3/31/2006 06:32:00 AM  



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