Saturday, April 29, 2006

Exam time baby!


I sleep longer than in the whole term
My brain can not concentrate
it tends to get distracted by every damn thought in the world
it dreams about going to hills, beaches and holidaying!
when I feel like partying, packing and eating more
when I like to frequent gym,

-> It is one of those weeks. Yes, we have exams here.

And for my last three exams, I have studied total of 15 hours. Hopefully my full blown efforts of P2 will help me pass! (Yes, everyone here by now knows how little I study, and that I should study more).

There really is something called procrastrination and stupidity, and I seem to have mastered both of them ;)

PS: Have a look at blog of my classmate and a close friend First Kitsch.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Courses at INSEAD

As this blog has for past few weeks talked only about travel, I thought of reminding myself (and others) that we at INSEAD study hard. Very hard.

Last week, I missed a couple of classes, and a dear friend of mine explained to me the money I had paid for the classes.

He: hey man, do you know why you are at INSEAD? It is for study. And you might remember paying the fees? It comes to about Euro 125 or so per 1.5 hours session.

me: But I disagree. I assume that as sunk cost, and hence it is the opprotunity cost that matters. Remember Accounting and Finance of P1?

In the end, no body won this argument, but it shows how we human beings tend to use any side of an argument to our advantage: both in situations good and bad.

OK, the classes I am taking the period:

1. Leading Organizations: Quite good.
2. Corporate Finance Policy: Superb, taught by ex-Dean of MBA program, Prof. Pekka Hietala
3. Strategy: Except a few bad classes, it has been really nice. Overall a good course, I wish there were more sessions of it
4. Marketing: Wish it was better! And wish there were fewer sessions of it!
5. Managerial Accounting: Great professor, but going a bit too slow
6. Leadership: An exemption elective. Wonderful experience, and a great deal of learning in this class. Taught by another star faculty Gunther Stahl.

Exempted out of: Process and Operations Management (Heard it is not that great)

Courses I will be taking in P3: A bit heavy, but hope I can manage it. Oh yea, I will be in the forests of Fontainebleau in P3!


International Political Analysis

Macroeconomics in the Global Economy: Exempted, but will take the course as it is one of the best classes here

Exempted out of IT Management


Negotiation Analysis by Horacio Falcao (The star faculty at INSEAD!): considered to be one of the best courses

Career Dynamics and Self Assessment by Linda Brimm: A lot of work, and more of 'know thyself' type course. Hear that a lot of people cry in this class, and hence this is also known as 'crying course'! Let's see how much I can take before giving in ;)

Investments by Prof. Dumas: Another star faculty, another tough course

Venture Opportunities and Business Models (VOBM): New faculty, so no idea how it will be. Hope the faculty matches the star prof. Phil Anderson, who is based out of Singapore campus


Visit to Kuala Lumpur

KL has a lot of high rise buildings, amazing Petronas tower and too many shopping malls.

As I don't really enjoy hopping for shopping (a new term invented today!) much -and can not think of going to another country just for shopping-, I spent most of the time within Petronas tower eating food/desserts, and sipping coffees!

Met wannabe for couple of hours, and managed to convince him to come to the sky bridge of Petronas despite his fear of heights! Thank you Wannabe, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Some info about Petronas tower can be found here. Photos from my camera are as below:

Petronas in the noon

and in the evening

One of the twins from a distance

The sky Bridge (on the 41st floor of the 82 storeyed tower)

Petronas tower's shopping complex

A view from the sky bridge

BTW, these are two funny pictures from KL. Can anybody tell what they might have been used for? (to my surprise, even Wannabe didn't know about this!)

This explains my absence...

It is about time to post in the fear of losing readership from some dear and loyal readers. The reasons behind this long absence were:

1. Hell week: The week of April 3-7, when we had seven assignments due and a career fair squeezed in.

2. On top of that hell week, I made things a bit extra spicy for myself by going for wall climbing on Saturday April 8, and then for a BIG dinner at a friend's place. Came back home at 2 AM.

As a result of the above two, practically didn't sleep more than few hours every night (Though the numbers are much higher than my P1 time!!!)

3. As if that was not enough, I went to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on Sunday morning: starting at 7 AM and back at 4 AM the following day. Had a few meetings and class on that day. Was thankfully woken up by a friend in time for the first meeting!

4. Hell week followed by a week of parties! Hosted dinner on one night, out on two other nights, slept through the rest of the week (and in the process, missed couple of classes as well!).

And today when I opened my course packs, I realized that I am _severely_ behind on most of the subjects. Am sure the next week will be hell week again! Have to study now. No more excuses hiding from the books. (I'm sure to create one on the way though!).