Saturday, April 15, 2006

This explains my absence...

It is about time to post in the fear of losing readership from some dear and loyal readers. The reasons behind this long absence were:

1. Hell week: The week of April 3-7, when we had seven assignments due and a career fair squeezed in.

2. On top of that hell week, I made things a bit extra spicy for myself by going for wall climbing on Saturday April 8, and then for a BIG dinner at a friend's place. Came back home at 2 AM.

As a result of the above two, practically didn't sleep more than few hours every night (Though the numbers are much higher than my P1 time!!!)

3. As if that was not enough, I went to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on Sunday morning: starting at 7 AM and back at 4 AM the following day. Had a few meetings and class on that day. Was thankfully woken up by a friend in time for the first meeting!

4. Hell week followed by a week of parties! Hosted dinner on one night, out on two other nights, slept through the rest of the week (and in the process, missed couple of classes as well!).

And today when I opened my course packs, I realized that I am _severely_ behind on most of the subjects. Am sure the next week will be hell week again! Have to study now. No more excuses hiding from the books. (I'm sure to create one on the way though!).



Yeah you had been gone for a long time on 4/15/2006 07:34:00 PM  



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