Saturday, May 13, 2006

Au revoir Singapore, bonjour Fontainebleau!

After brief four months, I left Singapore. In between, wrapped up a quick two-day trip to Bangkok. Photos from Bangkok to follow.

Overall, I loved my stay in Singy, though it is questionable how much of it was because of INSEAD, and how much because of the city itself.

The four months were enough for me to form some impressions, here they are.

1. Things do work… which means there are little surprises… which means you stay happy most of the times (good), but for someone like me who enjoy a little bit of surprises once in a while, it gets boring in Singy (bad)!

2. People do follow the rules a bit too much! As a result, your chef won’t experiment in their food despite you requesting them, the photographers will cut the photos to exactly same size and pack in same paper (even when your plane is about to leave, they will take the same amount of time!), and the drivers will drive through the same routes even when it is jam packed.
PS: All the three incidents have happened to yours truly or a friend.

3. City is a bit materialistic: may be it was a function of our not being able to go out more often, but my impression is that people just worship money and efficiency here!

4. Singaporians love shopping! Enough said, I don’t have any more expertise in this matter!

5. The most efficient (and transparent?) government in the world. Some of the companies that the Singapore government operates are better than many private firms!

Overall, a nice place to stay, but you will need some more spice in life once in a while.


1. The airport was in a mess, and so was the train system on my day of arrival!

2. People are in general aloof, but will help you if you start in ‘ze french’ (Bonjour, sil vous plait etc)

3. People express themselves very much while talking

4. Females (and even males I believe!) take really good care of dressing: excellent!

INSEAD Singapore v/s INSEAD Fontainebleau:

1. Small campus v/s large one
2. Closed v/s open spaces
3. Everybody stays in Heritage/Dover v/s people stay everywhere (from Fonty to 30 kms away in all directions!)
4, Close bonding v/s you know few people closely, but you know more people
5. Fast v/s slow administration (but very minor difference)
6. English only v/s English (and if you like, you can practice your French)

Overall, a nice contrast, and am happy to be here! Let’s see how different Wharton will be, if I decide to go there in P5!

PS: Friends who returned from Wharton say that ‘W was too serious for their taste’, which makes me think even more if I should really go there, or enjoy my time here!



so u finally in Fontainebleau...gr8 :)

so howz life thr...
do drop in a mail sometime...i dont have ur mail id!!
on 5/16/2006 06:38:00 AM  
I am done with my first level of french :)

Je parle un peu de francias
on 5/17/2006 12:54:00 PM  
Philly is nice, come to Wharton. That way you will truly do a global MBA - 3 continents. haha! on 5/23/2006 12:01:00 PM  
Venus: The feedback from friends has been equivocal about Wharton... so am thinking. But I have to factor in the presence of personal friends at W as well. And now you too ;)

Let's see. 

Posted by leoptimiste
on 5/23/2006 08:04:00 PM  



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