Saturday, May 13, 2006

MBA admission tips!

I found this buried somewhere down in the queue, and though it was supposed to be posted six months back, better late than never!

Disclaimer: My own opinion, take it with a *bucketful* ;) of salt!

Rather than writing essays about my tryst with MBA admission, I’ll write salient points that were critical and the myths surrounding the admissions.

1. Get the GMAT out of the way ASAP. However, remember that you don’t need a 750+ to get an admission. I had, and it didn’t help much! I think I would have done equally good/bad with a 700 GMAT too. One exception is when your GPA was low, in which case high GMAT can offset it, but you may need to explain if your GPA was too low. Else, schools may think that you’re intelligent enough (I’m writing this with tongue in cheek), but you were not motivated enough to study!)
2. Start writing the essays early. This is the most important and time consuming part of your app. I had to do 150+ drafts in total, and wish I had started in summer of last year rather than starting on essays in September!
3. Filling up the online forms takes lot of time, so don’t delay them until the end.
4. Network

Do not:
1. Try to overdo the process… there is only a limited effort one can/should put and then leave the rest to ‘destiny’. I know it sounds stupid, but quite often, you get something when you least expect it.
2. Revise your essays too often. Rather, give time between revisions. The difference in quality when doing a revision every day, v/s when doing it every week is very obvious.
3. Give all your time to the admission process… there is much more to life than an MBA! Take that break, go for vacation, watch that movie and play a game once in a while…
*drinking once in a while helps too ;)



I got some brilliant app strategy ideas while I was on tread mill :) plan to do that more often :)

have started on my essays.. wuld send you a mail soon to get some tips
on 5/17/2006 12:45:00 PM  



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