Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Busy times

Hi there! Hope you are having a great summer!

Things are very busy here, though no surprises there. I was in London for a week of training at my summer employer, and found a huge amount of stuff waiting for me on coming back. Assignments, dinner invitations, parties and so on. In addition, we had the National Week bidding. As you would be aware of, INSEAD has a tradition to celebrate the diversity by Organizing National weeks. People from various nations nominate their national teams by amphi-storming to all the student body, and students decide which one to choose for the final National week. This past Tuesday, following countries bid for a National week in P4/P5:

Can-Am (Canada and America)
Aus-NZ (Aussie and NZ)
Heart of Europe (Germany, Swiss and Austria)
Desi (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) and
Ze French Ouik

As you would notice, only at INSEAD, Canada meets US, Australians fall in love with NZ, and India and Pakistan organize parties together... no place could be better than this, and I wish politicians had learnt something from here ;)

Last night was Caberet night where (mostly) P5 and P3 students showed their talents in the Music and Dramatics arena. It was an amazing and humbling experience. Some of the activities were:

Live Skits
Songs (English, French)
Videos (made by INSEAD students)
Fashion Show (All the wardrobe collection of a popular girl here; and about 30 students including some guys used her wardrobe. Allegdely, they couldn't yet display it all!)
Jugglery (including a with fire)

And a lot of fun activities which can't be put in any category. They also included few people of one particular extra curricular club getting naked as per an old INSEAD tradition. Please don't ask anything more, as I am not sure if this is meant to be a secret or if i can reveal the club name etc.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

A day at French Open

On Monday, I got lucky and an INSEAD Professor (For record, Profs here are really cool and take time to socialize with students!) took me and two of his other friends to the French Open. I missed the classes, but spending a day at Roland Garros was a dream come true. Back in P2 when I was deciding between Fontainebleau and Singapore campus for P3, French Open was a one of decision criteria! Good that things worked out well, and I was finally able to make it. We saw Nadal and Hewitt quarterfinal and a couple of other great matches (including two mixed doubles one of Leander Paes, and other of Max Mirnyi). Over all, a great day!

It was a perfect gift for me for the tiring Charity run on Sunday.

Now hope to make it to Wimbledon, and to the Tour de France in July! (unfortunately, as yet, no tickets for World Cup Football!)

Here are a couple of pictures from the day:

Roland Garros Philippe Chatrier Court (Center Court)

Rafael Nadal getting ready for next game

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

INSEAD 2006 Charity Walk

INDEVOR@INSEAD organized the INSEAD 2006 charity walk today to raise money for global charities and raising awareness within INSEAD community about child education issues in the developing world.

I did the 10 km run for the same and though it was not best of my 10K's (almost zero athletic practice for last six months; last time I ran was in Mumbai on the beaches when the Morning jogging along the sea side was ON and FUN), I immensely enjoyed it and finished it without an injury (after muscle inflammation problem in Singapore).

Right now, my legs do need a massage though ;)

In other news, dinner and parties are ON. Last week was Iberia week jointly hosted by Spain and Portugal. Had lot of Spanish cuisine, including the favorite 'Pailla'. Yesterday a friend hosted a great dinner which was joined by about 20 people, and which lasted from 8 PM to past midnight. We also danced a bit, including to some cool Punjabi tunes! Thanks SV for organizing a fabulous evening!