Sunday, June 04, 2006

INSEAD 2006 Charity Walk

INDEVOR@INSEAD organized the INSEAD 2006 charity walk today to raise money for global charities and raising awareness within INSEAD community about child education issues in the developing world.

I did the 10 km run for the same and though it was not best of my 10K's (almost zero athletic practice for last six months; last time I ran was in Mumbai on the beaches when the Morning jogging along the sea side was ON and FUN), I immensely enjoyed it and finished it without an injury (after muscle inflammation problem in Singapore).

Right now, my legs do need a massage though ;)

In other news, dinner and parties are ON. Last week was Iberia week jointly hosted by Spain and Portugal. Had lot of Spanish cuisine, including the favorite 'Pailla'. Yesterday a friend hosted a great dinner which was joined by about 20 people, and which lasted from 8 PM to past midnight. We also danced a bit, including to some cool Punjabi tunes! Thanks SV for organizing a fabulous evening!



everytime I get to your page, the little error at the bottom of the left corner bugs me. Please fix it :P
Looks like you are having fun.
on 6/05/2006 06:21:00 PM  



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