Sunday, July 01, 2007

INSEAD Experience July 1, 2007

Amazing. Absof$%&inglutely amazing. Oops, what has happened to me! But really, it was just that. Can’t say otherwise.

It was challenging beyond my wildest expectations, yet fun beyond my wildest dreams!
Some of it was bad too, but most was actually best of my life!
It was intense and it was spread across geographies.
It was a beautiful time, with amazing people to have as friends and classmates!

Some of the things I loved about INSEAD:

1. Diversity: We do _wear_ it on our sleeves. 440 students from 68 nations, professors from c. 30, support staff from another 10 (likely more, if I start counting!). Work group of 5 people with no overlap in terms of role/country etc! And that’s only my batch I am talking about.
2. Classmates: who don’t want to kill you just because you are competing for the same job. Actually, we often discussed interview questions right after getting out of the room. Wonder if that happens at another school.
3. Multiple Campuses: Two campuses, seamless transition. Option to go to a third is also very well managed.
4. One year: It can be looked upon in both ways. Some of us felt INSEAD should be 15 months, but even then, as 15 months is closer to 1 yr than to 2 yr, I prefer 1 yr MBA! Personal choice due to prior work and educational experience; nothing against 2 yr MBA programs.
5. Worldwide reach: Alumni across 100+ nations, in all industries and roles.
6. FUN: Last but probably the most important. Outright the best place to have some real fun- whether unadulterated or mixed! Party almost everyday if you want- you will always find company; travel crazy with colleagues/ classmates or profs; watch French Open;

Things that need improvement:
1. Job search process: too intense. On top of that, campus changes, tight schedules, Career Services being a bit unorganized (despite making leaping changes in last one year itself, I must add) don’t help much!
2. One year: should ideally be 15 months!





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