Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some of the drives we / I had taken

As we were going through the pages of http://www.greatdrivingchallenge.com/ we were reminded of one thing that should have been here on this blog – a little bit of our driving experience… so taking a trip back the memory lane, I can certainly remember these on top of my head (and in no particular order!):


1.       Fontainebleau(near Paris)-Torino(near Milan): Overnight, with a stop in a chalet of a friend’s in the Alps! This would be one the most beautiful drives possible in the world!

2.       Fontainebleau(Paris)-Amsterdam: Thanks GA for that one! We decided out of blue like at 4:45pm and by 4:55pm were out of Fonty! Did get lost in the night (that had to happen when you have an old car, with little extra fuel and two sleep deprived MBA’s on the road;), but it was SUUUUUPER FUN!

3.       Berlin - Rugen- Hamburg: 700 kms, four hours, German roads- what a challenge!!! And we did okay ;) Top speed close to 300kmph, average of c. 175. Only problem was that there was no time to enjoy the scenery due to high concentration on the wheels!

4.       Fontainebleau – St. Michel: the scenic beauty in a French Summer – too bad, it was only few hours!

5.       Fontainebleau – Reims: across the Champagne land – had to resist drinking and driving, and believe me it was tough having several bottle of different champagnes in the car and not being able to touch!;)

6.       Delhi-Amritsar: non-stop, when mom was unable to sleep because both AJ and I were driving like there is no tomorrow!

7.       Dallas-Austin: one fiery night when there were thunderstorm non-stop for four hours, and I was driving despite severely sleep-deprived!

8.       Dallas-Houston: Too hot a weather, but it was fun nevertheless!

9.       Dallas-Colorado: Beautiful for 18 hours!!!

10.   Numerous trips between Paris and Fontainebleau, and Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

11.   No need to count our daily commute of 60 kms ;)


Of course, this is only by CARs (Maruti, Tata, Impala, Chevy, Sportster, Prius, Camry, Mitsubishi Lancer, Honda Civic, Honda CRV, BMW, Mercedes, Alfa-Romeo and... I forget!). This doesn’t include my motorbike, or my racing bicycle, which as per some friends, was as fast as some of the above cars :P


As you can see, Mitsubishi Cedia is one name missing in the list of the cars (hint to TGDC team ;) ;)




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